Seller Options:

Option #1  Discount Buyer Finder Services (0% or 3% commission)

We market your home through our website, provide a professional open house, share your listing with our list of qualified buyers, and do all the paperwork through closing.  At closing we would earn a 3% commission.  If you find the buyer, then we would receive no commission.

Option #2  Smart Seller Program (0% or 6% commission)

Your home will be listed on the mls, so it can be seen by all real estate agents and their preapproved buyers.  You can still sell your home "For Sale By Owner".  If you find the buyer, then you pay no commision.  If Bay Realty Michigan finds the buyer, then a 6% commision would apply at closing.  You choose whatever deal makes you the most money.  Click on the link for more details.

Smart Seller Program

Option #3  Full Service Premium Listing (6% commission)

You relax while we sell your home for maximum price, in the shortest time, and with minimal hassle.  6% commission applies.

40 Point Bulletproof Sales Plan