Smart Seller Program:

Guaranteed to net the most money for your home!!!

1.  Your home will be listed on the mls, so it can be seen by all real estate agents and their preapproved buyers.

2.  You can still sell your home "For Sale By Owner".

3.  If you find the buyer, you pay no commision and Bay Realty Michigan with handle the transaction and ensure a hassle free closing.

4.  Selling your home by yourself at the same time your home is listed on the mls ensures that you will be able to choose the offer that makes you the most money!!!

5. You will be able to take advantage of Bay Realty Michigan's  "40 Point Bulletproof Sales Plan".

6.  This program is 100% risk free!  You can fire us at any time!

*  If the seller choses an offer brought by an agent, a 6% commision (3% buyer agent and 3% seller agent) applies.

**  If the seller choses a "For Sale By Owner" offer,  Bay Realty Michigan will act as the transaction coordinator, handling the entire transaction through closing, for $2,000.  This cost is usually split between the buyers and sellers ($1,000 per side). 

***  If either side buys/sells their next home using Bay Realty Michigan, then their side of the transaction is FREE!!!!